3 Southern Albanian Beaches you must visit!

If you have not yet decided where to spend your summer vacation, then we can help you. You should definitely Visit the Albanian Riviera, but why?

The answer is found in the wonderful beaches of Albania, which will give you invaluable moments never experienced before. We are introducing you to the 3 most unique, breathtaking beaches, which would be the perfect destination for your summer holidays! If you like stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, tranquil beaches, fun and new experiences, then you should take a look at these wonderful holiday destinations!

1. Want to find a paradise? Visit Dhërmi!
Dhërmi is a small coastal village on the Albanian Riviera, located between the cities of Saranda and Vlora, which is torn for its cultural values and natural beauty.

Dhërmi more than a tourist destination is becoming a second home for all visitors and tourists. Dhërmi is a great destination to spend happy moments with your loved ones, to enjoy delicious food in the most prestigious restaurants or to spend a quiet evening in the magnificent hotels near the beach. If you choose the Albanian Riviera for your holidays, you should definitely visit Dhërmi Beach, to enjoy the impressive views, the clear blue water, the boat trips and the wonderful sun.

2. Visit Lukova Beach!  

Another beach that you must visit is Lukova Beach!
Lukova beach is 4 kilometers away from Lukova town which is located on the Albanian coast between Saranda and Himara. Lukova beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Albania, a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday.


The atmosphere is gorgeous, a unique combination of hills, lush green cliffs and pristine, blue and clear water. From the description this beach may seem like an "abandoned" place, but it is not! There are several restaurants that serve delicious Mediterranean food.
A place that gives you the feeling of being alone, but meanwhile enjoying all the necessary services for the most unforgettable holidays! Lukova Beach is like a secret spot that gives you the opportunity to feel free!

3. Visit Ksamil!

Ksamil beach is located south of the city of Saranda (12 kilometers south of Saranda). You should consider spending a day, or a week of your vacation on Ksamil Beach if you want to have fun, relax, enjoy the stunning views or swim calmly. Ksamili is one of the most wonderful beaches in Albania and is known as "Pearl of the Ionian" because of its beauty. The beach has a magnificent coastline, surrounded by blue-green sea water which is clean, calm and tranquil, perfect for swimming!

Did you know that very close to the shore there are three small uninhabited islands? They are the Ksamil Islands! You can easily visit them by booking a boat trip or swim to them, if you want to have an exceptional experience!

Written by Dhimitra Dëma