Places to visit for a short trip to Saranda

Have you decided to visit Saranda, but do not know where to go to make your experience unforgettable? This article will surely come in handy!

Day Trips në Sarandë

If you are a person who adores history, culture or just beautiful nature we suggest day trips to these places:

1. Visit Butrint and we assure you you will be amazed by the history held by this international park. This ancient city which in antiquity was called Buthrotum was one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Roman Empire.

2. Visit Ksamil. Ksamil is one of the most famous destinations in the entire Albanian Riviera. The sand, the crystal clear water, the fresh seafood make Ksamil the perfect place to relax.

3. Visit the Blue Eye. This water fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The blue water of this spring can be seen from a depth of more than 50m. The Blue Eye is unique in its appearance as a deep sapphire blue "hole" beneath the surface of calm water..

4. Visit Lëkurësi Castle. Of course we can not miss the Lëkurësi Castle, built by the Ottoman Empire in 1537. The strategic position of this castle makes you see the whole city of Saranda, the road to Butrint and the fantastic panorama of the islands in Ksamil.

Written by Paola Qëndraj